Planning for Your Internal Business Plan - why developing a project plan will help you complete your business plan.

Business Plan Research - read about the research that proves how important having a plan is for business success.

Review of the Internal Business Plan Manual - this review by Pat Kriska, the Associate Director of the BBA program at the Cox School of Business, Dallas, appeared in the April 2002 issue of Women's Enterprise magazine.

"Plans aren't just for the bank......" - an introductory article on internal business plans that appeared in Better Business magazine, one of the UK's leading magazines for small business (www.better-business.co.uk). The article is in pdf format so it requires Acrobat Reader software to view it.

Make Your Vision Work - an article on how to make your vision more effective.

3 Steps to a Successful Mission - a simple approach to developing your mission statement.

3 Different Types of Values - people often get confused about values and how they impact on business. This article explains the three different types of values and shows you how to develop them.

Ongoing Planning - the PDAR model - this article looks at how planning and feedback can be incorporated into day-to-day work.




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